Penny Batcheler Memorial Fund

Architectural Study Collection Fund • Penny Batcheler Memorial Fund

The Penny Batcheler Memorial Fund is a fund set up in memory of the late Penny Batcheler.  Ms. Batcheler was a vital member of the Historic Preservation team responsible for the restoration of Independence Hall in the 1960’s and was the Historic Architect for Independence National Historical Park.  Ms. Batcheler passed away on March 22, 2007 at the age of 78.  She was a wonderful employee and a great Friend of Independence.


In her memory, Family and Friends along with Independence National Historical Park set up this fund to be used exclusively for the preservation and educational use of the architectural study collection which was started by Penny Batcheler.  The park’s architectural study collection, currently housed in the Walnut Street Buildings, contains architectural elements (fireplaces, doors, flooring, etc.) from 18th and 19th Century Philadelphia.  The collection is not open to the general public, but access is granted to scholars and students from around the country studying historical architecture.


Our goal is to create a rotating exhibit that will feature pieces of this collection that the general public can visit and learn about when they travel to the park as well as to create an online catalogue for people who cannot travel to see the collection.


If you would like to see this goal be achieved and have this collection open to the public, please donate today.