Bicentennial Bell Garden Project

The Bicentennial Bell Garden – Project Description

Queen's Bell Takeaway Rendering NEW - [one layer]

The Bicentennial Bell Garden will be located at the corner of 3rd and Walnut Streets in Philadelphia. The current garden (the Benjamin Rush Garden) at this corner will be rehabilitated and the Bicentennial Bell will be the focal point of the garden, which will make it more accessible and visible to the public.


Rehabilitation includes the following:

  • Ground support for the weight of the Bicentennial Bell
  • New irrigation system
  • handicap accessibility throughout the garden
  • New interpretive Garden with canopy trees
  • An outdoor classroom to serve the thousands of students who come to the park each year


This garden will not only help beautify the corner of 3rd and Walnut Streets but it will tell the story of how two nations who started in war can become great partners and allies. The Bicentennial Bell Garden will complete our story and finally allow us to proudly display this wonderful gift that symbolizes two nations shared heritage.