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The First Bank of the United States of America

First Bank of the United States 2 The first National Bank Building of the United States of America is one of the most important landmarks of the founding period of our country. It is the icon of the United States’ financial foundation, just as Independence Hall is the icon of the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution.

Sitting two blocks from Independence Hall in Philadelphia, it is the very first building designed and constructed (1796) by the federal government. Suggested by Alexander Hamilton and endorsed by President Washington, the National Bank replaced the individual states’ currencies with one national currency and was the basis for paying back the nation’s substantial revolutionary war debt. It stabilized the economy and established the nation’s credit, which laid the foundation for the United States’ economic future and enabled the USA to be seen as a strong nation in the eyes of other countries. Controversial among those championing states’ rights, its charter lapsed in 1811.

Current Status:

Today, the original first National Bank Building of the United States of America is part of Independence National Historical Park and is not open to the public. It is not safe or comfortable for visitors to occupy the space as there is no reliably working air conditioning or heating system, no fire suppression system, an outmoded electric system, insufficient accessibility and egress and no public bathroom. The roof will need to be replaced and windows rehabilitated. Exhibits to connect with modern visitors will enhance their experience.

Every day this building sits vacant, is one more day visitors do not have the opportunity to experience one of the most important artifacts of our nation. It provides an opportunity to bring the legacy of Alexander Hamilton to life in the park that is dedicated to the birth and early growth of the United States. This building represents the untold story of what made our country a great nation and it is time to learn about our nation’s first central bank in the actual space.

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