John Bird Transit Instrument

The John Bird Transit and Equal Altitude Instrument was adopted by multiple donors for various reasons but all agreed that it was important to restore it so that it could be properly display in the Governor’s Chamber on the 2nd floor of Independence Hall.

Thank you to the following donors

The Mason-Dixon Society

Carolyn and David Thaler, PE, LS

Chas and Terry Langelan, LS

The Rittenhouse Society

Charles B. Pittinger, Jr.


District of Columbia Association of Land Surveyors

Surveyors Historical Society

Chesapeake Chapter – MDSPE

Lorna Hainesworth

Maryland Society of Professional Engineers (MDSPE)

Maryland Society of Surveyors

Klein Agency, LLC

Virginia Association of Surveyors

Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors


Patrick & Deborah Simon

Southeast Iowa Land Surveyors Association

Christian F. Marbach

Monticello Chapter of VA Association of Surveyors

Reading Area Chapter – PSLS

Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors

West Virginia Society of Professional Surveyors

Pennsylvania Society of land Surveyors- Bucks County Chapter


Jim Payne

Rodger Woodfill

Karen and Gary Ganjon

Stephen C.  Barnhardt

MD Site Consultants, Inc.

David Lee Ingram

Denny & Delores DeMeyer

Mecklenburg Surveyors Association

John J. & Nancy DiCarlo

VanDemark & Lynch, Inc. Engineers and Surveyors Wilmington, Delaware

Lionel Alexander, PLA

Kiley Associates, LLC

Delaware Association of Surveyors, Inc.

Virginia Assoc of Surveyors – Central Chapter


Dave Doyle

James Brooks Miller, Sr.

Bruce and Olive Parsons

Surveyor Scherbel, Ltd.

Gift of Charles Dunlap, VA LS 1309B

Richard A. Holmes, Jr. & Beatrice E. Holmes

Gordon B. and Rhonda D. Connor

Jeffrey I. Lee, P.S.

Joseph O. Ellwell, Jr.

Marshall H. Ragan

Henry P. Mayo

Dwight Crutchfield, RLS

James R. Riney

Keller Engineers, Inc.

Michael & Janet Quartaroli

Jerry Tippin

John A. Steil

Gary, Rose, & Caitlin Nichols

Ryan Mario Phifer

Michael J. Early, PLS, DE

Greg and Mary Sauter

Nicholas G. Jacobson

Edwin Scott Wallis

Capt Gary T. Cuppels, PLS

Jordan R. Loran, P.E.

Mary M. Sproat

John F. Atwood

Eugene Mound

Frank G. Casenhiser, P.S.

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Burnite Kemp, III

James F. Gillen

Michael Maguire

H&B Surveying & Mapping, LLC of Richmond, VA


Bartolo Surveying LLC

Joseph   McGee

Robert J. Mergel, P.S., P.E

.Donald Hall

Jeffrey Bugno & Leila Polintan

Richard Stees PLS, (Retired)

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