K9 Working Dog program

Support the Pups at IMG_8645Independence!​

Ken Franklin Trading Card In 2013, Independence National Historical Park welcomed Ken Franklin, a K9 Law Enforcement Ranger to the Visitor and Resource Protection division.

Working dogs in national parks are a great resource to have, especially when they have specialities like Ken does. The dogs help to keep visitors safe, protect their partners and make great ambassadors for the community however their careers are considerably shorter than their human counterparts.

At Independence National Historical Park, Ken Franklin has been a wonderful addition to our team but he is getting closer to his retirement age.  To make the transition smoother, the park, with support from Independence Historical Trust has decided to get a puppy who will grow up training next to Ken so that when Ken is ready to retire, our next K9 is ready to step in and take his place.

Please help us make this possible!

A puppy, especially one that will grow up to be a K9 working dog, will need funds to acquire it from the breeder and support its upbringing plus additional funds for training.

We are looking for donors to help support our next working dog.

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Temple University Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program

Who We Are

We are the Temple University Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program’s class 18-10. It is tradition for each class to give a gift for graduation. We graduated on December 17, 2018.

For our gift, we have decided to donate to the Independence K-9 unit to bring a positive change to the NPS as each one of us begins our career in law enforcement with the NPS.  Please help support our gift!*

*If you are giving a donation in honor of the graduating class from the NPS academy, please note that on your donation. Thank you.

Raised to date: $870 dollars for a new K9 for the park.