May. 19| 5th Annual Garden Party



In 1917, the United States of America entered World War I. A historic war, fought on multiple fronts, it created new alliances for many countries. 100 years later, we celebrate and honor the brave souls
who fought, as well as those who supported their efforts on the home front.
Join us for the music, games, and libations of 1917. Experience a night in the garden as we host our 5th annual party. This year, our party will be held in the Jefferson Garden of the American Philosophical Society. Enjoy an exclusive event with other local young professionals, with food and drink included!
Ladies, come in your favorite festive hat and you could win our annual Hat Contest. Gents, don’t feel left out, you can show off that quirky tie you never get a chance to wear in our annual Tie Contest.
Prizes will be awarded in both categories!
Proceeds and donations will go to preserving a wooden statue of George Washington, created in 1815, and located in the Second Bank of the United States.

Event Information

  • Date: Friday, May 19, 2017
  • Time: 6:00 to 8:00 pm
  • Location: Jefferson Garden 105 S. 5th Street Philadelphia, PA 19106
  • Cost: $25

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