Past Projects

Since the Independence Historical Trust began in 1972, our purpose has been to raise much needed funds for programs, artifacts and structures here at Independence National Historical Park.  Over our long history with the National Park Service, we have accomplished so much due to the generosity of our members, sponsors and friends.


Looking back, here are a few of the more noticeable projects we have raised money for in support of INHP:

1975 – Tea Garden

  • A space in the park next to Second Bank that operated during the summer months. It offered refreshments to visitors and employees and became the gathering spot for many friends activities (picture)

1976 – The VIP Room

  • This distinguished room is located on the Second Floor of Independence Hall’s West Wing and is used to greet esteemed visitors and heads of states who come to the park (Picture)

1976- The Archaeological Exhibit in 318 Market Street

  • This space, located in the Market Street house next to the Franklin Printing Office, exhibits the archaeological remains found in Franklin Court.  This space shows visitors how a home in the 18th century was built as well as the everyday pieces of life that were used by the families in this location.   (Picture)

1978 – Senate Chamber Carpet

  • This hand-woven 800 pound carpet is located in the Senate Chamber of Congress Hall.  It was created through meticulous research by many people and a book was written about the 15 years it took to research and create this chamber.  The book is called The Most Splendid Carpet, written by Susan H. Anderson (picture)

1982 – Welcome Park

  • Welcome Park is located at 2nd and Samson streets.  It was a 1.2 million dollar project that describes the life and accomplishments of Philadelphia’s Founder, William Penn (Picture)

1987 – “Miracle of Philadelphia” exhibit and educational materials.

  • To celebrate the Bicentennial of the Constitution, the Independence Historical Trust helped to create a yearlong exhibit with educational materials for all the visitors coming to the park.

2008 – People’s Plaza

  • This was a $269,000 project that completed the renovations made to Independence Mall and is dedicated to the First Amendment.  It is used as a gathering space for First Amendments permit holders and is located at the corner of 5th and Market Streets (Picture)

2010 – The Decorative Scrim

  • When Independence Hall underwent renovations to its tower, there was a concern that having the building under scaffolding would disappoint the millions of visitors who came to the park every year.  The answer was the use of a decorative Scrim consisting of fabric that wrapped around the scaffolding and had an image of the tower printed on it.  Visitors were still able to take their photographs with Independence Hall and the park was able to safely repair the tower during park hours.