Pawtriot Membership

Is your Pup a Pawtriot?

Pawtriot Members are dogs who love taking long walks in their national park and have owners that enjoy using Independence National Historical Park as their backyard!


The Pawtriot Membership is $20 annually and if you sign up today, your pup will receive a free, collapsible water dish to take with them on their visits to the park.

Benefits for the Patriot Membership

Your Pup will receive:

  • The latest news and events happening around the park via email
  • Invitations to dog-related events in and around the park
  • The joy of knowing that they are helping to keep our park looking beautiful and making it enjoyable for dogs and people alike!

Special Offers

For people who are not current members, you can become a new member along with your dog and receive a discount on your membership!  To see the benefits you receive as a member, click here.

Individual Member + a Pawtriot Membership = $45 (originally $55)

Household Membership + a Pawtriot membership = $60 (originally ($70)

To become a Pawtriot like Doug , fill out the information below


When purchasing the Pawtriot Membership, please tell us your dog’s name in the special instructions section so we can put the membership in their name. Also if you do not want the special gift for new Pawtriots, please let us know.

Pawtriot Membership


Pawtriot plus Individual Membership


Pawtriot plus Household Membership