Stretch Clocks

The Stretch Family Tall Case Clocks were adopted by John Bacon

Another successful adoption story is the Stretch Family Tall Case Clocks and John Bacon. After reading in our Winter 2014 newsletter that the clocks made by Philadelphia’s most prominent clockmakers (Peter Stretch and his sons William and Thomas Stretch) were no longer working, John Bacon contacted the Friends office and offered to adopt the artifacts and fund their restoration.


John’s Story

I was privileged to serve as the FINHP intern after completing my master’s degree in the University of Delaware/Winterthur program in 1990. My thesis was on Delaware Valley slatback chairs and aside from Winterthur itself, INHP has the best and broadest collection of these chairs and related turned seating furniture (namely Windsor chairs).

I spent several sessions measuring and looking at the collection under Karie Diethorn’s watch, so was thrilled to have the opportunity to then work with her and the rest of the Museum Division team. I helped with general curatorial work and wrote a report on domestic garrets and cellars: to be honest, that report was more interesting to me that the thesis! I am thrilled now a quarter century later to support INHP by adopting the Stretch clocks in honor of the curatorial team and encourage others to participate in this rewarding and worthy program.

Today, both clocks are back in Independence Hall, working and in the case of the 1725-30 clock made by Peter and William, playing an unidentified 28-note tune six times a day.

Thank you John for bringing back the music and our clocks!

Remember, you can be more than a Friend, you can be a Hero