Young Friends of INHP- Current Projects

The Young Friends of Independence support Independence by raising funds for much need projects in the park.  In 2016, the Young Friends are raising money for two historic artifacts here at Independence.

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Condition Assessment, Rehousing and Photography of Rare Quilt

This rare quilt documents the needlework practice of three young Quaker women.   It is inscribed, “Drawn by Sarah Smith Stiched [sic] by Hannah Callender and Catharine Smith in Testimony of their Friendship 10 mo 5h 1761.”   Stitched according to popular practice of the Delaware River valley, the single piece of silk backed by cotton was filled with carded wool and the whole quilted with silk thread in a rococo pattern.  Hannah Callender married Samuel Sansom on May 25, 1762 and the quilt descended in her family.  Because of the fragility of its materials, the park does not display this quilt on a regular basis.   Staff monitors this stored object and has it professionally examined to ensure that the quilt is not suffering abnormal degradation.  To fulfill the park’s responsibility for providing periodic specialized oversight, the quilt is in need of a condition assessment, new housing and documentary photography.

The Project:

A textile conservator will examine the quilt and make recommendations to improve its housing.  We   will implement the recommendations.  A professional photographer will take documentary images for our records


Conserve This Statue of George Washington


 The Need:

William Rush carved this pine wood statue of George Washington in 1815 for an exhibition.   Today, visitors enjoy this painted full-length figure in the Second Bank of the United States Portrait Gallery.  Unfortunately, this sculpture has suffered from a vertical crack on the front chest and drapery due to inherent vice in the wood.  Recently, a conservator’s examination also identified several other cracks on the figure and its supporting column.  The park would like to have these cracks treated so that the work of art is in its best condition for exhibition.


The Project:

A conservator who specializes in painted wooden objects will consolidate and fill the vertical crack on the front chest and drapery to stabilize and to appear more continuous aesthetically.  The conservator will also assess and document the condition of other identified cracks.  This activity will provide baseline documentation for monitoring the cracks over time.